Law enforcement authorities in Ontario’s Durham region reported that a 3-vehicle crash resulted in the death of one person and injured three others. According to reports, the multi-vehicle collision occurred on Nov. 2 in Clarington around 3:30 p.m.

Witnesses indicated that the crash occurred in the intersection of Enfield Road and Concession 6 when a Nissan pickup truck allegedly ran a stop sign at the intersection. After allegedly running through the stop sign, the Nissan truck then struck a Mustang that was already in the intersection, causing both the Mustang and the Nissan to then collide with a Jeep that was stopped at the intersection. The Jeep was reportedly facing west on Concession 6. All three vehicles ended up in a ditch due to the collision’s impact.

The 28-year-old male driver of the Mustang was pronounced dead at the accident scene by emergency personnel. Both the pickup truck’s driver and passenger required treatment for their injuries and were transported to a hospital where they were treated and released. The Jeep’s female driver also was injured and required an overnight hospital stay for observation and treatment. The police investigation of the accident continues, and law enforcement have asked that anyone who has information about the accident to contact them.

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Source: Durham Region, “One dead, three hurt in three-vehicle crash in Clarington“, November 03, 2014

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