According to Transport Canada’s National Collision database, 2,077 people were killed on Canadian roads in 2012. When a family suddenly loses a loved one in an accident, family members may face serious emotional and financial stress. However, spouses and dependents of individuals who have been killed by an accident may be entitled to death benefits.

In many cases, family members file a claim with either their own life-insurance policies or relevant policies held by the responsible parties. However, many insurers try to hold down expenses by offering the lowest possible settlement. A personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, may have experience and knowledge regarding the insurance industry and tactics used by insurers to keep settlements low. In other words, a personal injury lawyer may know how to negotiate or litigate for the maximum possible settlement. In addition, a lawyer can act as a buffer for family members during a very emotional and difficult period of their lives.

Death benefits are meant to compensate family members for funeral expenses, loss of companionship and the loss of income that would have been provided by the accident victim. In addition, financial support may be given to cover household help that the victim provided to the family such as lawn care or home repairs. These benefits can help to provide financial stability for family members

The process of filing for a personal injury claim, death benefits or a personal injury claim may be confusing, complex and difficult. Our website has more information on personal injury claims, accident-related injuries and wrongful-death claims.

Source: Yermus & Associates , “Toronto Wrongful Death Lawyer”, December 04, 2014

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