We have made a list of questions most people ask. If you don’t see your answer please send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP with your answer.

You can email me at: myermus@yermuslaw.com

1 – How long until my case is settled?

A legal claim arising from a motor vehicle accident generally takes approximately 3-4 years to settle, either by way of out of court settlement or by trial.

Personal injury claims arising out of incidents that are not motor vehicle related, may be resolved in a shorter period of time.

2 – Why does it take so long to settle my case?

In order to reach a proper settlement, enough time must pass for the full extent of your injuries to be determined and for the appropriate health care practitioners to provide a prognosis for your condition. Once a prognosis has been provided any future care or future loss claims can be properly addressed as well.

Motor vehicle accident claims take even longer to settle against the at-fault persons, as noted above, since the passage of an appropriate amount of time is necessary to determine whether or not your impairments are both “serious” and “permanent”.

3 – How much is my case worth?

Without the proper medical documentation, financial documentation and specialist reports dealing with your prognosis for recovery, it is a question that is near impossible to answer. However, once we have the appropriate information, we would pleased to discuss the value of your case with you.

4 – Will my case go to trial?

It is unlikely that your case will go to trial as the vast majority of cases in Ontario settle prior to trial.

5 – What happens if my case is unsuccessful, do I still have to pay your legal fees?

Our fees are dependant on the outcome of your case and if you do not recover any monies for your case, we do not charge any legal fees.

6 – What information do I need to bring with me to our first meeting?

We will need a copy of any accident report, along with the contact information for any health care practitioners you have seen following your accident i.e. family physician, hospital, rehabilitation clinic

7 – Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

No. We offer a free initial consultation to help you better understand your legal rights.