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An acquired brain injury (ABI) constitutes an injury to the brain that stems from an external cause, such as a severe blow to the head or an infection. Acquired brain injuries range in severity from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that may require a lifetime of care.

Representing Clients In Ontario Suffering From Brain Infections Or Injury

Yermus & Associates, and his legal team represent individuals who have suffered acquired brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries as the result of serious accidents. Led by Toronto acquired brain injuries lawyer Michael A. Yermus, our team goes above and beyond to help our clients recover the maximum amount of benefits and compensation to which they are entitled by law.

Common Causes Of Acquired Brain Injuries

Acquired brain injuries may be caused by any number of factors. Some can be caused by a serious stroke or an infection that affects parts of the brain. Others occur as a result of traumatic events such as:

Determining the extent of an ABI can occasionally present some challenges, as symptoms may not be readily apparent, even with advanced imaging technologies. This is especially true of concussions and other mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs).

Traumatic Brain Injuries

More severe TBIs often require a lifetime of care. We will seek the maximum amount of benefits to which you or your family is entitled to manage your short- and long-term care needs. This includes seeking compensation from at-fault parties, accident benefits that are available regardless of fault, long-term disability benefits or other sources of compensation that may be available to you.

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