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What if your injury results in a serious lifelong condition such as paralysis or an acquired brain injury? At such times when an injury or medical condition results in prolonged or permanent disability, you may be eligible to seek long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

Experienced Ontario Disability Benefits Lawyer

Yermus & Associates, and his legal team can help. We understand the economic burden a sudden catastrophic injury can be for your family, so our Toronto personal injury team seeks the maximum amount of benefits or compensation to which you and your family may be entitled, including LTD benefits.

Long-Term Disability Benefits Explained

Long-term disability benefits are designed to help those whose injuries result in prolonged conditions or permanent disability. Typical situations in which long-term disability benefits may be required include catastrophic injuries such as:

In general, LTD benefits provide income replacement to help disabled workers better meet their current needs. Most LTD benefits are paid through employer-provided group insurance policies or private insurance policies.

Resolving Insurance Disputes

Every insurance carrier has its own definition of what constitutes a disability. Disputes can arise regarding the nature of your injury and whether it qualifies as a “disability” according to the policy, leading to denied insurance claims.

We can assist you in appealing denied claims by gathering the necessary evidence demonstrating your need for LTD benefits. When necessary, we will engage the assistance of qualified medical experts, occupational therapists or vocational counsellors to analyze your condition and provide expert testimony. Our goal is to help you recover the benefits you need to maintain your family’s financial stability in the long term.

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