Individuals dealing with a personal injury case typically need a lawyer immediately after being injured. Slip and fall cases are no different.

When do you Need a Lawyer?

Reasons to Call a Lawyer after a Slip and FallIf you are injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence you should contact a lawyer right away.

Unlike car accident cases, where it’s easy to identify who the defendant is, slip and fall cases are not so simple, and insurance companies will often not admit liability to the injured party without formal representation. If you’re facing a slip and fall case and don’t have a lawyer by your side, there’s a good chance you won’t get very far.

A lawyer makes it easier to establish a line of communication with the insurer, something that must happen in order to settle this kind of personal injury case.

Even with seemingly minor cases, a personal injury lawyer can be of great help as they can speed up the process of proving liability and damages. A lawyer will also know what factors can affect a settlement both positively and negatively.


Proving liability is critical to putting your case in a position for settlement or trial. A lawyer can help you prove that the defendant was negligent and that it was this negligence that caused your injury.

Reasons to Call a Lawyer after a Slip and FallYour lawyer will investigate the cause of your fall and if it constitutes negligence. Falls often happen in the blink of the eye, and people often have difficulty recounting what happened before and after their injury.

For example, you know that you fell down the stairs. But were you wearing new shoes? Were you using the handrail? Were you carrying anything? Did you hold it with both hands or just one? Which hand did you use? Were you texting or using your phone? Were the stairs dirty or cluttered? Were other people walking close by?

All of these can affect how a case needs to be handled, and these are only some of the facts insurers will look at. Having all the facts and answers beforehand will make it less likely that you have to go to court.

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