As winter approaches, many people end up slipping and falling on ice around greater Toronto, and some suffer serious injuries as a result. Injuries people can suffer because of slipping and falling on ice range from minor muscle strains or sprains to permanent spinal cord damage.

Icy conditions pose a greater risk to people who are trying to navigate across parking lots and driveways. When people attempt to catch themselves while slipping, such a simple action can result in deep muscle strains or sprains. Sudden twisting or muscle strains can also cause a disc to herniate or rupture.

The most common injury that occurs when people slip and fall on ice is a compression fracture. When the compression fracture is a severe one, it can result in long-term problems requiring surgical procedures. Unfortunately, some people also suffer spinal cord injuries caused by slipping and falling on ice. These can result from fracturing the vertebrae in the fall or by abnormal twisting of the head, neck or back in the fall. Depending on the severity of the spinal cord injury, the damage caused can be permanently disabling.

Slip-and-fall accidents are all too common in the winter months. Businesses owe a legal duty to keep their premises free from potential hazards that may cause injury to a person who is there in order to conduct business or to people who are present for social purposes. When a business fails to remove ice from their walkways, stairs or parking lots and someone suffers a severe injury due to slipping and falling as a result, the business may be held to be civilly liable. Victims who have been seriously injured may benefit by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the business for its negligence. They may be able to recover damages for their pecuniary losses they suffered as a result.

Source: The Christ Hospital Health Netwrok, “Slip and fall? Icy conditions increase your risk of back injuries”, November 20, 2014

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